Wednesday, September 7, 2011


                                  How do we get rid of "bad JUJU?"??

Well...let's begin by defining bad "JUJU": bad "juju" is the force that drag us down, that lead us to contemplate negative thoughts, that takes us to our darkest places and tries to convince us that that is the only side we are,
is the force that makes us ugly and believe we are, the force that makes us paranoid, the force that can ruin even the most beautiful of relationships....
In order to get rid of it; we ought! to do few things:
1) acknowledge the presence of the bad JUJU
2)admit that has affected your state of mind and that YOU do NOT want 'bad juju" in your life
3)stop feeling sorry for yourself...your not unique in the sense of bad situations
4)create a  STRONG, FEARLESS, DARING & INTENSE plan of action to get back to your positive state of mind
But must importantly...JUST  DO  IT !!!!!!!


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