Friday, March 23, 2012

On communication

Everything is relative. It's "how" YOU say, do, or use it. And, It's "how" others interpret or understand it that defines the true meaning. That's the beauty & power communication! Yes. It's a science. Learn "how" to convey ideas, thoughts, & actions in a specific way that appeals to EACH different person/group. Don't immediately get offended/upset at the words/actions of others if they initially ...appear negative. Keep an non-judgemental, relaxed, open mind at first. People communicate, interpret, & project differently. We are not all the same! We speak & understand differently. What may SEEM as negative or criticism MAY NOT be. It could be misunderstanding or miscommunication. Or just reaction to a hard day. And...YOUR REACTION/REPLY defines what happens next. You incite/invite more negativity in a situation by immediately "assuming" & reacting. You can also incite/invite more positivity by carefully listening, viewing it through "their" perspective, & then choosing the right words to respond back. Don't let others affect you with words/actions. Take charge. Respectfully lead them in the direction YOU WANT using the power of an open mind & careful communication. You HAVE that choice & power! ;)

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