Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Paradox of Emotion


Emotion has its price, is a paradox, an experience out of this world yet without restraint, without control emotion is a complete chaos.

You learn  how to control it, for when you want to feel it you may; but  there is a danger, a fine line between allowing yourself to feel emotion or forcing yourself not to feel anything at all and if you cross that line you will be irrevocably left without the ability to ever feel emotions again or worst yet, to only hold negative ones.

So as you venture into the amazing world of human emotions, as you master the skill to control them at will, bare in mind and heart that there were given to you to touch people´s lives in the purest of its forms and consequently to enrich your own, to honor Life itself, for that is our purpose, to evolve to the highest level of humanity by the expression of  healthy and constructive emotion.


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